Jean-François Jarry

A personalized and attentive service to realize your dreams


Jean-François is passionate about everything that has to do with business, real estate, investment and technology.

Supporting clients in the completion of their projects – be they commercial, residential or multi-unit – is also something he takes very much to heart.

But above all, Jean-François is extremely dedicated and driven. He recently completed a certificate in business management from HEC, adding to his certificate in human resources management, his work a charted real estate broker and his many other specialized training courses. This highly specialized expertise makes him a major asset when it comes to successfully completing a real estate project.

Jean-François has the experience and drive to faithfully accompany you throughout your real estate project, no matter what form it may take. Whether you need creative financing, want to make an investment or flip a property – or are simply looking for your dream home – Jean-François will make it happen.

He also expertly accompanies sellers throughout the selling process, leveraging his proven marketing know-how and dedicated network to ensure a successful transaction. A seasoned investor himself, Jean-François has flipped more than a dozen properties over the years and currently manages a rapidly expanding property portfolio. Jean-François is a broker with more than one ace up his sleeve. He began his career as a TV and advertising producer and director, and is a hardened veteran in marketing for traditional (TV) and non-traditional (web) platforms. He's also the founder of Productions Netcast Inc., where he Produced TV programs for all channels, managing some fifteen technicians and other trades. According to Jean-François, the secret to any successful project is teamwork.

The man behind the suit is curious, open minded, dynamic, committed, professional and flexible... qualities that make him an unconventional broker who stands out through the effectiveness of his approach and the high level of care he offers each and every client. Jean-François joined the Sutton family in 2008 and has been with them ever since. His primary territory extends from Montreal to St-Sauveur.

Introduction of JF

A seasoned investor and chartered real estate broker working in residential, commercial and multi-unit properties, Jean-François has more than 150 real estate transactions under his belt and has conducted strategic research for a number of firms. Come and meet Jean-François at his office in Blainville; you'll be impressed by the wide range of services he has to offer.

Jean-François Jarry

Certified Real Estate Broker

514 562-2757